The Company management considers that the quality of the provided service, sustainable development, pollution preventions, workplace health and safety, are terms that cannot be ignored as they are the key to achieve a leading position on the market. It has developed a quality management system – Environment and Safety, in fields related to company activities, as transport and disposal of waste; maintenance, cleaning and unblocking of sewerage networks and water treatment plants; video inspections and site reclamation, including asbestos removal.

The company is certified:

  • UNI-EN-ISO 9001, Certificate N. 6155
  • UNI-EN-ISO 14001, Certificate N.9612
  • UNI-EN-ISO 45001, Certificate n.15476
  • UNI-EN-ISO 39001, Certificate n. 29651

Furthermore, the company management is sensitive in offering ethic, fairness, transparency and honesty in carrying out its activities and therefore, providing clear and reliable guarantees to increase the customer trust level. To improve relationships with clients, their suppliers have implemented:

  • Model of Organization, Management and Control pursuant to legislative decree 231/2001
  • Management systems against corruption in accordance with UNI-EN-ISO 37001; Certificate no. 022B-PLNT-PC
  • Management System for Social Responsibility in conformity with the standard SA8000, obtaining Ethical Certification; Certificate no. 022B-PLNT-PC
  • It is registered at the Prefecture in the WHITE LIST for services and execution of jobs that are not subjected to mafia infiltrations.
  • It owns SOA certification for reclamation work, Certificate no. 43999/17/00



  • Category 1 Class B – Collection and transport of urban and other similar waste
  • Category 4 Class A – Collection and transport of special and non-hazardous waste
  • Category 5 Class D – Collection and transport of hazardous waste
  • Category 8 Class B – Waste intermediation without their detention
  • Category 9 Class D - Reclamation of polluted sites
  • Category 10B Class D - Reclamation of asbestos polluted sites

UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

Sector: IAF 39, 28, 35

UNI EN ISO 14001:2015

Sector: IAF 39, 28, 35

UNI EN ISO 45001:2018

Sector: IAF 28, 35 39

UNI ISO 39001:2016

Sector: IAF 28, 31, 39

SA 8000:2014

Sector: IAF